About CuRx

We are an accredited AQP (Any Qualified Provider) commissioned by the NHS and your local CCG as part of a government initiative to enhance GP’s service to provide accelerated patients diagnosis and quality of care. Our service also aims to reduce patient waiting time whilst providing exceptional Ultrasound services giving patients flexibility and multiple choices.


Expert Staff

Our commitment

  • Reduced waiting time (patients seen within 2 weeks)
  • Reports / Results are sent within 48 hours for normal scans
  • Report for urgent scans are sent within 24 hours, once requested by GP’s
  • NHS approved image exchange portal (IEP) for secure and reliable image transfer infrastructure using NHS.net, cloud service
  • Support Patients clinical pathway by providing the diagnostic upfront so it required patients can be referred on the most appropriate clinical pathway and treatment can commence sooner

Why Choose Us

Our clinic appointment 7 days a week

All day clinic appointment

Patient can choose appointments close to home/work

Ease of sharing data to eliminate repeat procedure