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18, zbp, 7c, 0, 2a5, r, k6s, g, 4, xa, Home | CuRx UltrasoundCuRx Ultrasound

CuRx health runs and sponsor Ehsan Trust – a non – profit charity organisation. CuRx donates 5% company profit to Ehsan Trust. Click Here if you want to donate to Ehsan Charity.

Excellence in Quality through Standardisation and Continual Improvement

Welcome to CuRx Health Ltd.

● Founded in 2011, CuRx Health Limited is an AQP (Any Qualified provider) of Ultrasound Services for NHS.

● CQC Registered

● Commissioned by the NHS as Part of a Government AQP Initiative to Enhance GP services & Accelerate Patient Diagnosis and Management.

● Provider of Diagnostic services in NOUS (Ultrasound)and Endoscopy

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No GP Referral Required

No Insurance Required

Call us 0161 2790670