Current Events

CPD, Manchester

In cooperation with Arlington British Medical Academy, Curx sponsored a CPD event in Manchester at the Vermilion on the 1st November 2018. The topic was Women’s Health Update, which was led by Dr Anita Sharma – GPwSI in O&G and CCG Clinical Director. The meeting was chaired by Dr Almas Agha and Dr Zubair Ahmad. The event was attended by 50+ GPs from Greater Manchester and was awarded 2 CPD Credits. The event was a great success and thank you to everyone who attended.

End of Life/Palliative Care Update

Company Annual Meeting - 17th Jan 2019

ABMA North West GP Conference - 12th Oct 2019

A GP conference chaired by ABMA took place on Sat 12th Oct 2019. 50 GPs attended this conference to learn about different medical and health related topics.
CuRx participated in this conference.​


We CuRx held a CPD event in Ashton on the 20th of November 2019. This event was used to promote us CuRx and educate and in-from the GPs there about the expanded CQC standards and the new CQC inspections regime in force since April 2019. The speaker we invited to do this was Racheal Duff Co-Director of a Health Sevices Management Company. The event was attended by GPs from Great Manchester and was awarded 2 CPD Credits. The event was a great success and thank you to everyone who attended.

CURX Christmas Dinner 2019

CuRx Christmas Dinner on Friday 20th December. Celebrating a successful, happy new year together!’ I have attached images.

CuRx Charity Dinner

CuRx Health attended a charity fundraising dinner organised by Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust (CPRT) at The Sheridan Suite, Manchester on Saturday 28th April 2018. Laura Urhobo managed the CuRx stall. The Directors of the company; Dr Aamir Ehsan, Dr Jawad Ansari and Dr Zenat Ansari accompanied with their families were present. Medical Practitioners such as Doctors, Surgeons, Specialist Doctors, General Practitioners including Locum Doctors, were also present at the event and were keen to speak to us about our services. CuRx Health received positive feedback from the GPs who attended, and they were impressed with the services CuRx provide for GPs and CCGs and are keen to see more CuRx clinics open. Attached below are photographs from the event.